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Photo by Nisse

Nils-Eric Magnusson                                     

My greatest interest has always been to take pictures with my camera. My parents gave me the first one when I was about 10-12 years old. They early understood my burning interest for pictures. I have been photographing for more than 50 years and my interest is steadily increasing! My first camera was a very simple one, lacking all technical refinement which of course also limited the artistic possibilities.

At that time, there were no computers where you could process your pictures. For example, you had to be sure that you had enough light to get a picture with okay sharpness. Today, I work with very advanced cameras and advanced computer programs and of course I only work digitally.

In my archives I have thousands of pictures from the analogue times and with the computer technology of today, it is very interesting to work with these in order to improve them and to save them for the future. As a young photo enthusiast I taught myself how to develop and blow up my photos in a very small ”photo laboratory”, namely one of our bathrooms in my parents’ home. Today, I work several hours at my computer using some version of Photoshop.  

I am today a member of SKHF (, a society for painters, photographers, potters, people working with glass, jewellery, textile and so on. Our exhibitions often take place in our gallery situated close to Svaneholm Castle ( on the south coast of Sweden. 

Welcome to my homepage! I should very much appreciate if you write to me with comments, either they are positive or negative, on my pictures. You will find my email address under ”Kontakta mig”. 

All of my photos are for sale. Please contact me for price, format and so on. See under "Kontakta mig".